MPP Laurie Scott

Scott letter raises questions

Published May 28 2019

To the Editor

In response to the open letter from MPP Laurie Scott:
There are a lot of words in Laurie Scott’s letter and I have questions about some of them.
It is well known the Ford government inherited a large debt from the Wynne government. However the exact amount has been disputed. Whatever the true figure is that has been used as a justification for massive cuts to services for this province’s citizens. Scott says certain programs and services are being “modernized.” Are massive cuts to funding for public health that translates into cuts to school breakfast programs daycare and restaurant inspections water quality testing to name only some modernization? What about education? More “modernization”?
Is the reason her government is making Ontario “one of the most competitive labour markets in North America” that gives “job creators greater confidence” because the government halted the increase in the minimum wage? Cheap labour is good for some but not for those who are trying to make a living wage. Financial experts say the low-income tax credits won’t help low-wage workers anywhere near what a $1-an-hour raise would.

Good to know Scott is concerned about the welfare of seniors in our county. So why slash by half the funding for two vital library services in northern and southern Ontario that will dramatically affect rural communities? Why spend money on ads condemning the federal carbon tax when those ads are factually untrue and incomplete and we the indebted taxpayers are paying for these same ads? There are many more questions I could ask but space is limited. My last one is will Scott or one of her fellow Ford MPPs again lock their constituency doors citing bogus privacy concerns  when peaceful citizens protest at their offices? Or better yet – call the police. Is this the kind of Ontario we want?

Sharon Lynch