Rotary Club of Haliburton members Andrew Hodgson from left at back Doug Ross David Zilstra Brian Nash Kevin DesRochesTed Brandon and Heather Phillips were present when club president elect Jim Joseph presented a $4000 cheque to Haliburton Highlands Secondary School teacher Rebeka Borgdorff. The money will go to helping students with the school's literacy initiative which requires resources and teacher training. Joseph is also the club's chairman of the vocational committee which was formed this year and works to increase the aspirations of youth in the community./DARREN LUM Staff

Rose Humphrey celebrates 100th birthday

The Sunny Rock B&B’s Sally Moore and Jan Clarke along with Izobel and Gus Janca did not think March 7 was a day like all days. They thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to be invited to a luncheon at a restaurant in north Toronto. Twenty other friends and relatives thought so too!

March 7 you see was a day like all days only filled with an event that altered and illuminated our times.

Rose Humphrey for the 100th time celebrated a birthday. This time with all of us!

Sorry if you were not one of the privileged few to attend. However I’m certain you will once again this summer see Rose on Scotts Dam Road. Or with her skateboard her son Vern and friend Bonnie around Sunny Rock. Rose will be the one in the yellow polka dot bikini!

Just like the one she wore first time up with her husband Ross when they vacationed in the Engles By Kashagawan and West Guilford making friends with the Hicks Sawyers Vie Smith and lately Sally Moore Jan and neighbors Izobel and Gus Janca. Say: “Hello.” And wish her: “Many happy returns Rose! Many happy returns!”

Submitted by Ron Adams