Residents beware Dover’s Spring Rd

To the Editor

Now that spring is finally arriving the improvements to Highway 118 will be completed.

It is good to see the improvements but even over the winter with the improvements to date the traffic has increased in average speed especially when travelling west.

The 50 km/hr speed limit does not come into play until well past (west of) the entrance of the above roadway and residents and traffic entering onto 118 do not in my opinion have a clear vision to the east to ensure a safe entry onto 118. Most of the time westbound vehicles come off the hill at speeds well in excess of the 80 km posting. This is especially the case with regard to large trucks.

The municipality is the owner of “Dover’s Spring” road (Fred Jones Road) and to protect the users it should ensure that the speed limit reduction is well east of this entrance and possibly at the top of Dover’s Hill.

The danger does not need a “study.” It is self evident.

David M. Bishop