Reflections on volunteerism and a community garden

Published Nov. 1 2016

To the Editor

Recently I was unable to attend a volunteer appreciation/dedication ceremony held at the new commemorative garden behind “the little green house” home to Community Support Services a part of the HHHS team. So I decided to stop and visit the garden one sunny fall day and reflect on my own.
I walked the new paths admired the plantings and stone memorials sat on the stone bench commemorating Bernice McCann. I remembered special times as a hospice volunteer as well as good times picking vegetables and prepping meals in Community Kitchen with loving fragile Kalie Ma while I gazed at the beautiful headstone engraved with her name.

Leaves from the mighty oaks and maples rained down gently upon this special place. I felt the presence of those who have dedicated time and effort to create and deliver services to support our community in the past those who continue the good work today perhaps under different banners and hope we will continue to make good important things happen for all the right reasons in the future…after all it’s still about “people helping people.”
This garden space is dedicated to honour volunteers and provides a quiet place of reflection for community residents.  Check it out. I thank everyone who contributed to making it happen.

Sandre Daoust