The Red Hawks varsity girls' rugby player Carmen Galea grabs the throw-in for the lineout during the Haliburton home opener against the Lindsay Collegiate Vocational Institute Spartans on Thursday Oct. 1 at the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field in Haliburton. Although Haliburton was shutout in the game the team showcased their grit and determination. The team's next scheduled home game is this Thursday Oct. 7./DARREN LUM Staff

Red Hawks eyeing playoffs

By Darren Lum

The Crestwood Mustangs might not be the best team in the Kawartha High School Football team but they sure played like it on a chilly autumn Friday Oct. 16 at the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field in Haliburton.
Hawks senior boys’ football head coach Bruce Griffith gave a proverbial tip of his cap to the better squad from what he calls the “football school of the south.”
“Crestwood has always been the football school of the south where we have been the football school of the north. I knew they would be strong. They are every year” he said.
He acknowledges his team’s strengths but recognizes how effective the Mustangs are at executing.
“We have skill. We have heart but we don’t have that smoothness they have. They have better coaches” he said laughing.
With the temperature falling and hunting season here it will become increasingly difficult to get players to come out to practice.
“That’s why they’re smoother because they practice” he said.
He adds it’s the “same old thing” where that school can choose from a population of 800 students compared to just a few hundred at HHSS.
Coming in the Mustangs had one loss in three games. Its only loss coming against the Adam Scott Lions.
The most difficult part of the season schedule is over for the Hawks.
“We played all the big tough teams now. We’ve got St. Pete’s and Fenelon Falls. I think those will be much closer games” he said.
Although a loss is never ideal the Hawks are not feeling down about it as they are assured of fourth spot in Kawartha which will allow them to make the post-season.
Griffith figures it will be either Adam Scott Lions or the Mustangs though.
“That’s all right it’s an extra game and an extra trip to McDonald’s for the boys” he said smiling.