Tom Regehr is looking for input. Submitted

Public input needed for mental health and addiction services

A new project is being developed in Haliburton County surrounding the issues of mental health, addiction and access to social and community services. If you are someone who has experienced these issues and required or tried to obtain help in our area, Tom Regehr would like to hear from you.
Facilitator, Regehr is the gentleman spearheading this project on behalf of Haliburton County social service initiatives; in an effort to bring people together with health issues like himself and share their experiences, both successes and failures. Tom himself has accessed many social service programs through the years for mental health needs, addiction and homelessness. His lived experienced is valuable and demonstrates his strength and commitment to wellness.

Social and community service programs always need re-evaluation and improvements to grow and meet a community’s needs; being part of the change by simply sharing your stories with Tom can do that.
What would you like these programs to know about you and your experience?How did they make you feel? What services have you tried to access and what worked? What didn’t work? If you needed help but didn’t seek any, why didn’t you? The service providers in our community want to improve and provide the best support they can so here is your chance to share and bring about change.
There are a few ways to participate; by attending Listening Sessions which include Tom and only those who wish to share their story. No service providers, medical professionals or community service agencies will be in attendance. This is an opportunity to chat, listen and move forward with your experience. Coffee, tea and food provided.

Listening Session one (evening) is on Thursday, Aug. 25 at the Lions Club in Minden and Listening Session 2 (lunch) is on Friday, Aug. 26 in Haliburton. Haliburton location to be announced soon.
If you are uncomfortable with a gathering in person, please email Tom directly to begin a conversation on the things that matter to you. Your questions and feedback are essential.

Submitted by Tim Tofflemire of Job Quest, a division of Community Living Trent Highlands