Praises to physiotherapy and teleconferencing

To the Editor

There have been many thank yous to the nurses and doctors at the hospital from people that have been helped.

Just along the hall from the ER there are two more departments that are helping people that never get recognized.

My husband is a double amputee and has been going to the physio department for many months to help him walk on his prosthetics and loosening up his stumps from many months in the wheelchair.

When we are there we have seen many others getting help with knees legs arms hands backs etc.

This department also helps in the hospital to get people mobile again after surgery or long periods in bed. Hazel was one therapist who just left but was very skilled. Vaeda from Trinidad is a recent graduate from U of T in physiotherapy. Amanda has been there for some time and  helps in the hospital as well as the department. They are very caring and skilled people. We are fortunate to have them in our community. We need to recognize them as contributors to our health system.

Just beside the gift shop is the telemedicine department run by Shelley VanLieshout. When talking to her she says it is run by patient demand. Many people have to go outside the area to specialists and have many tests. Some of the doctors are on this system. We need to ask them if they are on it and perhaps avoid the long distance and time when we can get the results from this department. The patient gets to see the doctor and the doctor gets to see you all through computer screens and microphones. We need to recognize her as a contributor to our health system.

What a wonderful community we live in and are blessed with these systems in place for us.

Jan Tedford