Les Morrison is not letting a potential postal disruption interfere with his mailing as he drops an envelope into the Canada Post box in Haliburton on Friday July 8. Negotiations between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has been ongoing for months with the threat of a lockout recently dropped to allow negotiations to continue without a disruption. ANGELICA INGRAM Staff

Post office changes offer opportunity

To the Editor

As a former councillor/deputy reeve for Glamorgan Township and Highlands East I feel compelled to write in response to the letter submitted by Elva Bates in the May 3 edition of the Haliburton County Echo. During her term on council she was an integral part of the post office franchise being operated and managed under the municipality. I can vividly remember sitting at the council table when Elva Bates as reeve told council how important it was that the municipality control our own post office.

She said it was vital to the community and its wellbeing. It would seem under her rule she had no issue with tax dollars being spent to do so. So why the change of opinion now?

The current staff member still provides assistance to the community despite her claim that it is not permitted. The focus has changed from assisting municipal staff to greater assistance to the public (ratepayers). There are several examples of postal franchise outlets that are in other businesses that also provide other services and are not Canada Post exclusive. Therefore I question that notion. She also mentions the current need for more mailboxes; which brings to light another question. If the need is growing and there is an opportunity for revenue growth without expense to the municipality why would one support the notion of taking away that opportunity instead of embracing it?

Chuck Viner