Pinestone sold to Aurora Hotel Group

By Jenn Watt

Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre has been sold.

Aurora Hospitality Group purchased the Haliburton resort and golf course from Vrancor in early August Pinestone general manager John Teljeur confirmed Thursday.

“The new owners have a lot of experience in the hospitality industry … they have some big plans for the resort going forward” Teljeur said.

Under the leadership of CEO Ravi Aurora the company is looking at renovations and have other plans in the works Teljeur said. Those ideas will be presented when they’ve been fleshed out.

“It’s really good news and it really gives us a chance to do a lot of things that we’ve wanted to do at this resort for who knows how long. Plus there are a few things they’re bringing to the table that we didn’t figure could happen which absolutely we’ll be telling people once we finalize plans” he said.

Teljeur who returned to Pinestone as the general manager only a few months ago said he had no inkling that the resort would be sold.

“When I signed up there was always a possibility the place could be sold or not sold. To me it’s like you take the job for the job itself not everything around it. You can’t control those things” he said.

From his perspective Pinestone is not just a resort but a community fixture – one that employs about 100 in the summer months.

“The resort belongs to the community when you nail it down. Many of the people who live here work here so they have a vested interest whether they know it or not in how this place runs” he said.

Dysart et al Reeve Murray Fearrey said he was pleased with the new ownership.

“I am excited about the new ownership at Pinestone. The Aurora family and their business background is exciting for Dysart and in the bigger picture Haliburton County. Having met the new owners and discussions with them I believe we will see exciting opportunities as we move forward. It is imperative that council and the community support [them]” he wrote in an email.

The news has been received with enthusiasm by staff.

“To say there’s buzz and excitement on the property is pretty much an understatement at this point because everybody’s very keyed up and excited about it” Teljeur said. “It’s so great to see the passion that they’re bringing to the table in wanting to put this resort back on the tourism map or the map period. It’s been a very busy week but it’s been very satisfying to go through this and work with these people.”

With files from Angelica Ingram