Linda Coneybeare of Transat Travel left presents Heather Phillips with two tickets to Cayo Coco Cuba that she won through the Buy In And Win local shopping contest. Renzo Rosati right co-ordinated the contest as a member of the Downtown Haliburton Business Association. /JENN WATT Staff

Peter Bowers photography showing at Pinestone

By Jenn Watt

Some of Peter Bowers’s best photographs were composed during the most inconvenient times and circumstances: right after snowfall during a particularly frigid day in the earliest hours of dawn.

The results of the sacrifice are stunning with landscape photographs capturing the artwork nature creates many of which were taken in the Highlands.

Bowers has been a cottager in the area for the last 17 years and in September became a full-time resident of Basshaunt Lake.

A semi-professional photographer Bowers looks for the special places and situations that make for a breath-taking image which has been made much easier now that he’s a permanent resident.

“When I’m taking pictures it’s often really cold or really snowy … I can take advantage of those situations a lot easier because I’m here” he says.

Bowers has been showing his work at Rhubarb restaurant in Carnarvon with positive results.

“A restaurant is a really good place to show pictures because people sit down and they have time to look at them” he says. “The best feedback is when people buy a picture and you get a handle on what people want.”

Viewers seem to enjoy images with canoes in them.

“I think that a lot of people have canoeing in their history especially if you went to camp or something like that. If you have an empty canoe in a picture people put themselves in the canoe in a way.”

This month Bowers is showing more of his photography at the Heatherwood restaurant at Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre. On Saturday Feb. 6 there will be a reception from 1 to 3 p.m. where Bowers will be speaking about some of the stories behind the photos. All of the photographs are for sale.