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Paying for the budget
Published April 3 2018

To the Editor

Premier Wynne announced free child care for thousands of preschoolers until full day kindergarten starting in 2020 a $2.2-billion initiative. Of course this would take place after the provincial election in 2018 if Kathleen Wynne gets re-elected as premier.

No comment as to how this would be paid for. Reality is it would be the taxpayers. There is ongoing conversation regarding the upgrading and construction of public transit with no comment as to how that initiative would be paid for. Needless to say it would be the taxpayer. In all the Liberal promises I have yet to hear benefits for rural Ontario and assistance with costs associated to upgrade county roads.

With limited financial resources and taxpayer dollars many county roads are in disrepair. Perhaps our premier should travel Haliburton County roads to see their condition. The majority of revenue is through tourist and travelling vacationers however with limited industrial resources rural Ontario struggles to provide more and more services as dictated and legislated by upper levels of government.

Entrepreneurs are coming to our area and setting up shop. However if our county roads are not kept up in good order this could have a negative effect on business opportunities.

I would like to know how much of the gas tax Haliburton County receives and perhaps county council could address this issue. Whatever resources are at the county’s disposal should be investigated and brought to the attention of AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) and hopefully not to deaf ears.

Beverly MacDuff