Optimism and growth in loss for Hawks soccer team

By Darren Lum

Looking at the positives remains the focus for the Red Hawks boys’ varsity soccer team after a lopsided score against the senior boys’ soccer team from Port Hope High School on Thursday Oct. 15 at the Gary G. Brohman Athletic Field.
Heading into the game against last year’s all-provincial bronze medallists with the at times heavy rain  and the near freezing temperatures the Hawks had their hands full.
Hawks head coach Bob Schmidt said being able to play this strong team before their final two road games of the season allows them to see how to play well.
“It’s easy to see where we need to work on … it makes it clear this is where we need to work a little bit and again when they watch such a good team they can grasp how this is how you play it. This is how you keep the ball flowing. Just bang bang bang. Move the ball well. As soon as you get it you’re looking for your man. Then they know where to go” he said
It’s easy to assume the Hawks were never in it with a score of 9-0 however the Hawks did have their scoring chances.
“There were times we had some good runs. We had some good plays. The ball was kicked to the right spot and if we just had a little more speed we’d be doing a little more with the ball” he said.
He said the team will continue to work on positioning and recognize when keep close to their mark and when to back off (for quicker players).
The team continues to look for its first win.
It will be competitive against Lindsay Collegiate Vocational Institute Spartans this week Schmidt adds.
“We should have a better game against them” he said.
The Spartans tied Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School who the Hawks also tied 3-3 at home a couple of weeks ago when they erased the three-goal deficit.
The team was not discouraged after the game and the future is bright if this team stays together.
“There’s some good attitude. It’s still coming. They know. I think they know too maybe next year or the year after. We’re all building for a couple of years with so many Grade 9s and 10s [only four players are senior aged]” he said.