Not in my backyard

To the Editor

A rock concert outside of Haliburton how wonderful! Or is it really? What are the drawbacks? Will these people spend money in Haliburton? The answer to this questions is no!
The only ones looking to make money are the promoters and anyone selling liquor. The people who go to rock concerts have one thing on their minds and it’s to party. And what about your neighbours friends and even relatives who live close to this. How does it affect them? Do we even care? After all they’re just whining because it’s in their backyard. Food for thought: would you want it in your backyard? The 118 highway is our lifeline to shopping hospital care and even work. Our livelihood is farming. How do we get farm equipment through? In the summer we have to deal with tourist traffic and cottagers all in a hurry to get to where they’re going now add in excess of 20000 to 30000 people on that highway coming to a festival and we’re trapped.
Oh but they are going to put in entrances off the Irish Line. We are a dead end road. How is lineups down our narrow road and the 118 going to help in an emergency? Ambulances fire trucks and even police won’t be able to get through. Then there is the matter of our wetlands. In order to put a road over to Lakeside they will have to fill in the marsh which I might add has rare turtles in it. They frequently cross the Irish Line going to and fro from wetlands on both sides of our road. Now add to the mix a risk for fires. Black fly and mosquito season. Do you really think they’re not going to build fires when camping in the bush? Or what about the careless lit cigarette thrown onto dry pine needles? It wouldn’t be the first time cigarettes have caused fires. Garbage – check how much trash is left behind the pictures are all over the Internet. How much of this is going to end up in our beautiful lake right across the street? Is all this going to end up not only in our landfills but also in our backyards? Even our basic rights to live a safe and happy life will be removed as we will have to deal with air pollution from so many vehicles noise pollution parties going all night and light pollution. More drunk drivers on the highways and vandalism. Who is going to speak for us in council? No one. Apparently she [the councillor] backed out due to conflict of interest. Is the potential for loss of life environmental damage species loss and serious health effects worth all this? Does the almighty dollar rule? Not in my backyard!

Angie Steckle