New Pinestone owner Ravi Aurora speaks to attendees at the Haliburton County Development Corporation annual general meeting on Oct. 7. JENN WATT Staff

New owners for Artesian Well Drillers

By Darren Lum

Published Sept. 17 2019

Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers Dave Walker and Jake Woodward are satisfied each time they work a 14-hour day because the effort they put forward contributes to the future of the company they took over on March 7.

Walker said the same good service Artesian Well Drillers is known for will continue.
“Nothing is going to change. The honesty remains the same” he said adding quality will remain high. “We drill everybody’s well like it was our own land.”

Walker said Rick Ruttig who has more than 40 years of drilling experience was looking to sell the business he started in 1989. Walker had worked for Ruttig for more than 20 years in the past leaving for a while and then returning for the last four years where he worked alongside Woodward.
Ruttig remains with the company and is responsible for sales.

Walker said he’s received instruction from Ruttig specifically about overburden/shallow water wells and has passed some of that knowledge on to his business partner.

Overburden is a term used to describe what lies above the bedrock which can be clay sand or soil.
“You don’t see what you’re doing. It’s always a challenge” he said.

They’re able to keep jobs affordable thanks to the experience and skill they bring he said.

Walker said the company will remain focused on what they do well which is drilling wells. They will not install well pumps.

“That way we can stick with what we do best and stay the best at it” he said.

The business is well-versed in drilling in Haliburton County and surrounding areas. They can handle small and large scale jobs.

The two are always looking to improve keeping up to date by taking continuing education courses.

Woodward a 2010 Haliburton Highlands Secondary School graduate said “We pride ourselves in honesty and integrity.”

He said working locally and now being able to run his own business was a great opportunity.
“It’s really nice to come back home and lay some roots here” he said.

His experience in the water industry goes back to when he was living at home with his family as his parents own The Pump Shop in Haliburton.

“I’ve been around wells pump installation and all that for my whole life really since I can remember. I’ve been exposed to it forever” he said.

Three years spent working in the oil industry in Alberta provided him hands-on experience with similar drilling equipment albeit on a larger scale.

“Coming back here it made sense to tie it all together” he said.

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