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New butcher shop opens in Haliburton Village

Published: March 22 2016

By Angelica Ingram

Mike McFadden has been waiting for this day for a long time.

A longtime food enthusiast McFadden is going to be at the helm of his own business as he opens McFadden’s Meat Market a butcher shop located at 23 Hops Dr. in the Beer Store plaza.

McFadden 34 has been visiting Haliburton since he was 14 which was when he got his first job in the area at Haliburton Foodland.

Working under Bob Park McFadden learned a lot about the grocery business and eventually became the butcher at Todd’s Independent where he gained customer service experience and developed a love of interacting with customers.

“It just turned out I was good with knives” he said.

McFadden believes interacting with customers and allowing them to be part of the process is a personalized service that is an important part of being a butcher.

He is now hoping to combine his experience passion and skills at his own business which has been a dream of his for a number of years.

“I’ve been planning this for about eight years” he said. “Life gets in the way.”

The butcher said once those elements were figured out it came down to finding the right location which he believes he has due to the neighbouring businesses.

Open since last Friday McFadden’s Meat Market carries a wide range of pork beef and poultry as well as seafood exotic meats a deli counter and more.

In the former M&M Meats location McFadden’s Meat Market will offer fresh food and some frozen items such as shrimp rings and other appetizers.

The butcher will provide custom cuts of meat something he is passionate about.

“I just really enjoy cutting I’m very passionate about food and I’m trying to learn a lot of culinary skills” he said adding he has learned a lot about cooking from his customers over the years.

Another thing he is big on is local meat insisting his selection come from Ontario with the exception of some beef coming from neighbouring provinces.

“I’m really big on Ontario” he said. “The way we raise our animals in Canada is far superior so it’s just a better way to go.”

McFadden said he will carry top of the line meat such as triple A beef as he wants to offer customers quality food.

He is hoping to turn his business into a hub for local food finds similar to Abbey Gardens. His desire is to bring offerings from the farmers’ market into his store. The store offers items such as homemade ketchup grilling spices cooking sauces and more.

McFadden’s Meat Market is a combination of a state-of-the-art facility with a cottage country feel.
The butcher credits a number of local businesses and individuals for helping him create his dream meat shop.

Growing up McFadden who is married with two children never thought he would be a butcher.
Now his career dream is becoming a reality.

“I thought if I don’t try this I’ll look back in 10 years and kick myself.”
For more information call 705-457-1919.