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More staff needed in long-term care

To the Editor;

While we all completely recognize the importance of an up to date and integrated medical information system it distresses me that the HHHS board can so easily commit $2 million on this type of system while seemingly totally ignoring the critical issue of staffing in our long-term care facilities.
Our elders have worked hard their entire lives and due to advanced age or health issues must live in a facility where we are constantly told that there are just not enough hands to properly look after them. I know staff do their very best but they need more help and we need to spend more money on the front lines where it is needed most.
I would ask each board member to wear an adult diaper filled with urine and feces for a couple of hours be told by over worked staff that you are just going to have to wait to be changed because there are just not enough staff to help and then taken to dinner in this condition.
Now tell me how you can find $2 million for an information system but no money for proper staffing!

Kim Stamp