Mom life

By Angelica Ingram

Published July 17 2018

Sixteen months ago almost to the day I walked out of the Haliburton Echo office and my life changed forever.

Not at first of course. At first I was just beginning my maternity leave and waiting for a baby to arrive.

Waiting and waiting and waiting.

Five weeks later (12 days past her due date) Evangeline came into this world.

To say the past 16 months went by quickly is an understatement. While it may seem like to you our readers I have been gone for an eternity for me I feel like I was sitting at this desk just yesterday.

Since I returned to work (which happened at the beginning of this month) I have already discovered that many things in this community haven’t changed.

There are still friendly faces everywhere I go vibrant events taking place every weekend and engaged discussions around important issues happening weekly in the pages of this very newspaper.

It’s comforting to see that many things have stayed the same even though things in my life have drastically changed.

One thing that has changed is that I’m now a part-time reporter for the Echo/Times which is helping me with the transition from mom life to mom/work life.

I will still be available to hear your ideas answer your questions and cover your important events. The change however gives me the opportunity to be both an engaged part of a hardworking team here at the paper and to have time at home with my family.

Being a new mom I feel as though I’m seeing the community with fresh eyes as the past 15 months have opened up a new world of Haliburton County I didn’t know before.

I now see the needs of young families the desire for more recreation opportunities and the importance of keeping needed services such as the midwifery clinic within the area.

Two years ago I would have never thrown my support behind a community pool. Now when I see my daughter laughing and smiling while in a pool I dream of a multi-use recreation facility in our county.

I see the value of splash pads and skateparks skating rinks and soccer leagues. I now understand the fight for daycare spaces (there are still not enough) and better transportation options.

I try to support businesses who have gone out of their way to make their doors accessible (try opening a heavy glass door while pushing a stroller at the same time) and ones with suitable areas for diaper changes and breastfeeding opportunities.

And I know that I’m not alone. Conversations with other young moms have shed light on issues that matter to them. And now matter to me.

I hope to bring some of this new perspective to the paper and hope you are looking forward to seeing my byline once again.

I know I am.