Candy maker Corey Burd has taken time off from her full-time job in Sudbury to work with the Homenuik Rides midway for the past six years. Burd has been making candy for 17 years and has worked in carnivals for more than 20 years. Homenuik midway put on Haliburton’s annual Rotary Carnival which came to Head Lake Park Aug. 9. /ROBERT MACKENZIE Staff

Loss leaves junior Hawks tied for third 

By Darren Lum

Published Jan. 23 2018

There is a lot of optimism for the Red Hawks despite a 38-26 loss to the Lindsay Collegiate Vocational Institute Spartans on Thursday Jan. 18 in Haliburton.
The Spartans were a formidable opponent using their pace and quick ball movement to spread the Hawks’ defence. A double-digit lead built in the first could not be overcome.

Assistant coach Will Arnup was happy about how his team played particularly how they shot and the performance by the second unit who scored several points.
“The hard work that they have been putting forth this season has really been paying off. It’s great to see. We’re building. Our team is mostly Grade 9s and so we’re building for next year which is great” he said. “The season is not over. We have our most important game coming up against Brock. That will cement what happens in the playoffs.”
Haliburton will host rival A categorized school Brock on Tuesday Feb. 6. Tipoff for the final regular season game is at 3 p.m. Brock is second in Kawartha West and is the top A categorized school with 12 points and a 6-3 record.

This loss came on the heels of a two game winning streak and puts the Hawks in third place with the Spartans. Both teams have a 4-5 record and eight points.
Haliburton edged out the Falcons of Fenelon Falls 26-25 and then followed up with a 24-19 win over St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School.

The coaching staff includes head coach Sam Little and assistant coach Andy Valickis who is a retiree with a passion for basketball. He has coaching experience in Mississauga.
Arnup said the team is assured of a playoff spot and will be the second seed to Brock.
He loves how much his team supports one another.
“It’s good to have the confidence that anyone can come into the game and contribute” he said. “We have confidence in our whole team because we have a lot of talent and a lot of depth.”