Local theatre and music entertains

May 12, 2015  

Applause! Applause! Applause!  
Over the last few weeks, we have
been an audience to a variety of musical treats … all first rate!
off … to Bill Gliddon, Curtis Eastmuir and the entire cast and crew of
Highlands Little Theatre’s delightful prodution of Pirates of
Kudos … to the Concert Series organizing committee for last
Saturday’s first offering, The Gryphon Trio. They were brilliant!
finally, bravo …. to Melissa Stephens, Lauren McInnes and the Highlands
Festival Singers, for their stellar concert performance of Flowers and
Gardens, last Sunday afternoon and  Tuesday  evening.
The leadership,
dedication to rehearsals and musical expertise of all involved in these
events, inspired and uplifted everyone.
What a great way to welcome

Thank you.
Cheryl and Anne Cohoon