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Lightning strikes home in Dysart 

By Elizabeth Bate

Dysart firefighters responded to a 4:32 p.m. call reporting a basement fire at a house on Old Brown’s Camp Lane Aug. 11.

The two occupants of the house and their two dogs escaped the smoke-filled home unharmed. All four were visiting on vacation and reported the owners were not present at the time of the fire.

Fire chief Miles Maughan said the cause of the fire was a lightning strike and the blaze could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of the occupants.

“They used an extinguisher” he said. “If they hadn’t have been there it would have burnt to the ground.”

Maughan said the immediate use of the fire extinguisher was integral to controlling the fire when it was discovered.

“They did everything they were supposed to” he said.

Maughan reported 10 firefighters attended the scene and put out the fire fairly quickly but remained on scene for over 90 minutes to ensure the fire didn’t reignite.

About $60000 damage was caused to the home. The two occupants were treated by EMS for minor smoke inhalation and released.