Letter to the Editor: MPPs need to stand up for what’s right

Open letter to MPP Laurie Scott:

The recent news of Progressive Conservative MPP (and cabinet minister!) Lisa MacLeod’s profane undignified and very very public outburst to the owner of the Ottawa Senators is just the latest in a litany of ill advised poorly administered circumstances that the Ford government has found itself in.

This after a wholesale cabinet shuffle to address systemic ineptness followed by the ongoing patronage revelations of Mr. Ford’s (dismissed) chief of staff have reduced the credibility of our provincial government to unprecedented lows. Mr. Ford is clearly not a good judge of character and his ability to assess the capabilities of those who surround him is abysmal and speaks volumes. This personality flaw was evident years ago in his support and defence of his late brother Rob’s atrocious behaviour as mayor of Toronto.

When are those members of the PC Caucus who still have a shred of integrity pride and self-respect going to do what their constituents elected them to do: stand up for what is right and put an end to this craziness? This is our provincial government!

There isn’t a municipal council an organization or a business in your riding that would put up with this kind of incompetence. You have all heard us loud and clear: please make it stop!

Sean Pennylegion