Letter: Power of prayer

To the Editor

These are very difficult times with much fear surrounding COVID-19. While it is not my intent to impose my beliefs on anyone I do believe in the power of prayer and in the power of group prayer. It is with this in mind that I submit this letter.

I will be saying the following prayer every evening at 8 p.m. If anyone wishes to join me thank you. I truly believe that together we can make a difference.

God/Creator please bless all those who are  in any way  connected to or associated with COVID-19. Watch over and protect all medical personnel and front-line workers lending them courage strength and confidence. Bless and protect all those who continue to provide us with essential services.

Comfort and support everyone dealing with this virus and with the potential loss of a loved one. For those processing a loss comfort them in their grief. Help them find peace in their hearts and a reason to go on. For those suffering with COVID-19 please keep them under a blanket of calm. Give them strength and courage. Relieve their physical symptoms and take them to a safe place in their minds where they find peace comfort and relief from loneliness and fear. Ensure all are tenderly and compassionately cared for and bless all caregivers always and in all ways.  Pave the way for all those suffering financially those who are not sure from where their next meal will come and those simply frozen in fear. Help them find the support they need and keep their spirits up. Give them a reason to believe in the goodness of their fellow man.

Watch over and guide our world leaders their advisors and all those who influence them in any way. Help them to work together to make decisions that are for the highest good of  all  and the well-being of our planet.

Help  us all  to take COVID-19 seriously to adhere to the protocol set for our country provinces and communities and to do everything within our power to stop the spread of this virus.  Help us to realize the importance of keeping in touch with family friends and neighbours – providing comfort simply by listening.

As our faith is being tested help us remain strong and hopeful. Help us replace fear with love faith and trust and watch over us as we look for ways to safely be there for one another.

For this I am truly grateful.


Noni Richardson