Letter: Let’s show our support

To the Editor

This letter is not about the coronavirus it is about community support. This community has come under attack with something we have never seen before. This posting is on behalf of all of our small businesses who are being devastated by having to either shut their doors completely or offering minimal services (restaurants doing only take-out if they even open at all).

These are the same doors that we as a community knock on for donations. They support this community for fundraisers children's programs charity events and the list goes on … I am one of those door-knockers on behalf of our local Lions Club. So this is my message to all my fellow residents: Don't let us let them down! If you can order take-out then do it! If you have some extra money then donate to our local Food Bank or Heat Bank or Fuel for Warmth or Food for Kids program the Legion etc and when their doors open again and we are free to come and go I want items flying off the shelves and not because we are afraid to run out! I want our restaurants full to capacity. Let us knock down their doors instead of the other way around. Haliburton is not just another place hit by coronavirus it is a place that hits back.

Kathryn Kidd