Happy ending in case of missing dog

To the Editor

Sandra Dee is a white toy poodle dog that came into our lives at the age of three years old.
Our daughter Tracy rescued this beautiful animal and asked my wife and I to take care of her. It wasn’t long before this that we had dog “Spooky” that became family with us and lived to age 17. It was a hard goodbye when the vet eased her suffering and we cried our goodbyes. Later our daughter Tracy brought Sandra Dee into our lives. Tracy insisted we have Sandra as she would have more time seeing Sandra Dee if we took possession. We took to each other and we became family. She is so sharp I am sure she understood every word we spoke.
Well we enjoyed numerous years with Sandra Dee taking her for walks and car rides. I even put her in a basket and Marlene tied her real good and we cycled in Florida and downtown Haliburton in the park. She was a little unsure but as soon as Marlene cycled ahead of me she had a look and felt OK. As long as she could see Marlene.

Something uncanny happened Sunday evening around 5:30. We were gathered around a fire pit in our backyard enjoying the night. Marlene went to tend our supper and Sandra followed. She didn’t climb our back stairs but settled on the first step. Supper was called and we gathered for a nice meal. When Marlene asked about our dog: “Where is she?” Supper was over fast and then we went scouting for Sandra. We talked to all neighbours and some came out to help call Sandra home. No luck! I called the radio station and got Bill Gliddon. Bill got all the info and he announced a missing dog on the radio. It was announced both evening and morning shifts. After Bill’s radio show he called me on any success. No luck yet! “I’ll keep trying” was his response. Our daughter Sue called Minden dog catcher Minden municipality and both vets for any missing dogs. We have a lot of friends who called to give us support. We would not believe what was happening. We kept expecting our dog to come home. It’s heart wrenching that in 15 minutes our dog disappeared and we pray for her safe return.
We miss you Sandra Dee.

Jim Taylor

P.S. If you believe in miracles. Here is one for you! Tuesday at noon after playing cards in Minden we drove home and pulled into our driveway. On our front porch was our dog Sandra. We couldn’t believe what we were witnessing… (two days and two nights out) and our dog was alive and short tail wagging. Thank you God. We are believers. Amen.