Letter: Group commends council for banning plastics

Dear Mayor Roberts and Members of Dysart Council

On behalf of Concerned Citizens of Haliburton County I would like to commend the council for their decision to ban single use plastic water bottles from the municipal office and field operations. Taking into consideration a report entitled “Plastic Reduction Challenge” prepared by Fleming College’s Sustainable Waste Management Program and recommendations from Dysart staff the council has responded to the urgent issue of increased levels of plastic waste.

We support your plans to install water stations throughout the municipality in 2019 and 2020. We look forward to the implementation of a policy that bans the sale of single use water bottles at any event that takes place on municipal property.

The council has demonstrated leadership in th is area and provided a model for other municipalities in Haliburton County. We appreciate this work on plastic reduction and look forward to more initiatives that ensure a sustainable community.

CCHC will continue to advocate for changes that will reduce our reliance on single use plastics and work with businesses and community organizations to accomplish this goal.

Judy Paul

Concerned Citizens

of Haliburton County