Less studying, more action

To the Editor,

The socio-economic challenges facing the county are quite clear (and have been known for many years). I applaud hiring a data co-ordinator to mine the trove of information, but it will be to no positive end if the council doesn’t take strong revenue and expense action. Frankly, while everyone loves low or no tax increases, we simply can’t pay for what is needed without the revenue generated to do so.
Understanding the social determinants of health (https://www.cpha.ca/what-are-social-determinants-health) and their effect on the people of Haliburton must serve as a catalyst for positive change.
Creating a fair and just society where we all benefit through less poverty, better education for those in need and more supportive housing has to be the goal. Let’s not waste time on more study; now is the time to act!

J. Richard Blickstead