Legal action could be coming for the irresponsible

Re: Editorial June 14 Care for the Carers

To the Editor,

I take my hat (but not my mask) off to Darren Lum for his editorial Care for the Carers last week.
As a retired lawyer and continuing deputy judge in the Superior Court system, I applaud the most courageous decision to put public safety and concern for a community ahead of political expediency.
Those who feel their precious freedoms supersede their obligations to others are following the vocal minority in the mistaken belief that radical positions contrary to all medical and scientific evidence are somehow positive or acceptable in a free society.
Those who wish to tout their so-called freedoms by throwing all medical advice to the wind will have their opportunity to dance before courts both civil and criminal to somehow justify their insane positions. It is actionable to knowingly spread COVID, whether by omission or commission of not wearing minimal protection of a mask and proper sanitary actions. The cases against those who were cavalier enough to spread HIV knowingly or negligently by refusing to follow safe sex guidelines have been found successful and I passionately believe we will see the very same results from cases now before the courts or to be filed.
So, again, congratulations, Darren for a courageous position and a warning to those freedom fighters who flaunt their perceived rights over the science of masks and sanitary guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID and its variants – you will see the cost of your mistaken freedom beliefs when you land in jail or found liable for the death or serious illness of others.

Raymond G. Selbie