Kudos to community’s volunteer firefighters

Published March 7 2017

To the Editor

During the brief but violent storm on the evening of Friday Feb. 24 lightning went through our house directly in front of Mom who had been watching television. It knocked out our telephone service and an electrical plug in the kitchen. With the red light flashing the plug beeping and the acrid smell of wires burning I promptly called 911. Within five minutes our emergency was being thoroughly investigated as the storm continued to rage.
There were other serious situations in the immediate area also being tended to. Our sincere thanks to the 911 operator the volunteer fire department specifically Mike Ed and Peter for their expertise advice and calming presence during a frightening and unnerving evening. We are so grateful that these volunteer men and women are just a phone call away. Let’s all continue to show support for these brave and caring people in our community.

With sincere and grateful thanks
Cheryl and Anne Cohoon