Kindness of strangers

To the Editor,

This is a story about how good people still do exist.

I was brought to Haliburton Hospital on Saturday, Aug. 1, by my daughter and husband for an anaphylaxis reaction to an insect sting. I was admitted immediately and put on I/V and a heart monitor. Because of the severity of the allergic reaction and because of COVID-19 protocol, my family was not allowed to be with me. They were told I would be there for at least four hours.

They went to Haliburton to an outdoor patio called Maple Avenue for food and drinks. A man at the next table, sitting by himself, obviously overheard my husband and daughter’s worries about me. The man left and when my husband asked for the bill, the waitress (Alexis) said: “The man at the next table beside you paid for your meals. When asked if he knew them, the man said no, but felt they were having a bad day.” I don’t know if this message will ever reach this wonderful man, but if it does, I want to say thank you for your kindness. Your gesture gave a little bright light in an otherwise dark and scary time for my family.

I also want to say thank you for the wonderful care I received at Haliburton Hospital, the staff were compassionate and attentive.

Carole Averill