Andrea Mueller had even more reason to smile after finishing a five minute shopping spree and taking home $1397.56 worth of groceries. /DARREN LUM

Haliburton shopper bags $1397 of food during charity shopping spree

By Darren Lum
Published Oct. 16 2018

Sometimes you have to be lucky to be good and good to be lucky.

When it comes to Haliburton’s Andrea Mueller she’s definitely both.

The married mother of two “growing” boys is known for her big heart and beaming smile.

The Foodland regular had even more reason to smile after finishing a five minute shopping spree and taking home $1397.56 worth of groceries.

“It’s intense” Mueller said laughing while having her items tallied at the cash register.

The shopping spree was the grand prize from the 10th annual Canoe FM Radiothon a three-day fundraising event for the community station in the summer.

Mueller said the shopping spree went by quickly and the food will last her family for a long time.

Her plan coming in was to grab meat cheese and then non-perishables.

“You can only fit so much” she said referring to the three carts she used.

Foodland’s owner Brad Park expanded the parameters of the spree extending the three minute time limit to five and also took away the $1000 cap.

“It’s hard to get around the store in three minutes so I gave her five” he said.

He also didn’t have Mueller adhere to the rule of three items of any one product. About the only stipulation he had was a restriction on tobacco products and gift cards.

He commended Mueller on her execution particularly with her decision to focus on grabbing meat oils and non-perishables.

Park said Mueller was in the day before scouting out her route for the shopping spree.

He has owned and operated the local grocery store for eight years and is well-known for his philanthropic efforts in the community. This was the first shopping spree he has held.

In the past when Park was approached by Canoe FM for a grand prize he has given patio sets and other items. This year the shopping spree came up after a discussion with Canoe FM manager Roxanne Casey. Mueller decided on the time and day believing there would be fewer people following Thanksgiving weekend Park said.

Park thought everything went well and hopes to do it again. If not for the Radiothon then maybe for another cause.

With just one broken bottle of oil the spree was executed in a very orderly manner which Park appreciated.

“That’s really good yeah” he said. “I wasn’t sure if she was going to put her arm in and clean the shelves or what she was going to do” he said.