One of six of the Haliburton Rotary’s Bike Share program bikes are out of commission due to damages. /FILE

Haliburton Rotary disappointed with misuse of Bike Share

By Vivian Collings

Since Haliburton Rotary introduced six bikes for free community use two years ago next to the Welcome Centre in Haliburton, members have been disappointed with damages the bikes have faced.

Rotarian Mike Landry said they won’t be able to sustain the bike share if damages continue to occur.

“The first year, we saw quite a bit of damage. Last year was OK, but this year has been pretty awful so far,” Landry said. “The service costs us $3,000 a year to maintain, and even more when bikes face damages.”

The bikes are rented through an app called ON Bike Share where users can sign out a bike for up to three hours at a time.

Although a credit card is required for a security deposit, the bikes are free to use.

“We anticipated they would mostly be used in Head Lake Park and along the Haliburton County Rail Trail. We can’t control where and how the bikes are being used once they’re signed out,” Landry said.

He explained it appears that bikes are being used BMX style and at the skate park, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who has caused damage when bikes are being signed out multiple times a day.

“They are not meant to be ridden BMX style. One bike is completely out of commission.”

Haliburton Rotary would like to ask residents to report any misuse of the bikes to the club.

“This is a free community service we provide, and we need all community members to use it properly so that the bikes can remain accessible to everyone.”