Grant dollars go to canopy sidewalks

By Jenn Watt

Published Feb. 14 2017

Dysart et al has received two grants from the federal and provincial governments to improve community infrastructure.

Sidewalk improvements at the corner of Victoria Street and Pine Avenue in Haliburton Village (near the old school) will be completed using a $25000 grant and a canopy will be installed at the medical centre using a $27000 grant.
The funding makes up 50 per cent of the cost for each project; Dysart et al will match those figures.
The funding dollars come from the Canada-Ontario Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. Last week the provincial government announced the 16 successful municipalities accessing the money.

Dysart interim director of public works Rob Camelon said the canopy will make use of the medical centre safer and more comfortable. It will “protect people walking in and out of the building from ice forming overhead” he wrote in an email to the Echo. “It will also provide some shelter from the elements while they wait to be picked up at the front door.”
The project on Pine and Victoria will “lower the grade of the sidewalks on the southern corners” of the intersection “and eliminate the steps located at both locations.”
“The scope of the work will include excavation new concrete sidewalks and new retaining walls. Asphalt patching will also be required once the new sidewalk is in place” Camelon said.
The anticipated start date for the projects is mid-May for the sidewalks and June 1 for the canopy.