Fundraiser to offer a taste of Canada

By Angelica Ingram

Published Jan. 31 2017

Ever wondered what a signature dish from Ontario would be?
Have you travelled the country and enjoyed culinary experiences from coast to coast?
An authentic Canadian experience awaits you at the Across Canada Dinner being held on Saturday Feb. 18 at the Robert McCausland Memorial Centre in Gooderham.
A fundraiser for Bark Lake Cultural Developments the event will feature a dish highlighting every Canadian province.
Event volunteer Linda Code said the menu will feature a mix of true Canadian specialties and some creativity.
“Normally [Bark Lake Cultural Developments] like to do a fundraiser that features a different country around the world” said Code. “This year they were discussing which country they were going to pick … because it was Canada’s 150th birthday why not do Canada?”

Some of the dishes that will be served include mini tourtières which represent Quebec; Nanaimo bars for British Columbia; various potato varieties representing the Maritime provinces; and for Ontario?
“Butter tarts because Carol [Simmons] makes the world’s best butter tarts” said Code.
There will be some more exotic dishes served as well including bannock caribou stew and Arctic char.
Aside from delicious food the dinner will also feature Canadian characters reprising some historic roles pertinent to Irondale’s and Canada’s history.
“They’ll do a performance that lasts a couple of minutes” said Code. “They’ll come in period costume.”
There will also be music at the event and a country auction. Guests might even be quizzed on their knowledge of Canada. Decor will feature a red and white theme.

Bark Lake Cultural Developments is a charitable organization that works towards preserving Irondale’s history. One of their main initiatives is the upkeep of the Irondale church which also features a community garden. Funds raised from the dinner will go towards ongoing initiatives said Code.
“We have a couple of dinners throughout the year and it’s all to raise money to support the church No. 1 and to also try to bring the community together and make the outside community more aware of Irondale” said Code. “We hope people come out and have some fun.”
Doors for the event will open at 5 p.m. with dinner served at 6 p.m. There will be a cash bar.
Tickets are $20 a person and can be purchased by calling 705-457-8438.