Free groceries given away at Todd’s Independent

By Angelica Ingram

Nov. 8 2016

Patty Acorn was overjoyed when she was checking out at Todd’s Independent on Nov. 4.

With more than $100 worth of groceries in her cart she couldn’t believe she didn’t have to pay a cent for them.

Acorn was one of many lucky shoppers who won free groceries as part of the store’s Market Moments campaign.

The announcement was made during the afternoon by staff member Tom Merriman. Staff lined the aisles with confetti to mark the moment.

“I never win anything I’m in awe” said Acorn after she checked out. “I’m overwhelmed. I’m so happy.”

Other shoppers shared similar sentiments.

“I feel great” said Maureen Blakelock.

Merriman thanked customers for their loyalty and for shopping in the community.

The free groceries included up to $250.