Forgotten skates and kind acts

May 4 2015

I was recently reminded just how fortunate I am to live and raise my family in a small town like Haliburton. Last week after dropping myson’s hockey skates off to be sharpened at JoAnne Sharpley’s Source forSports I somehow managed to forget to return and pick them up.  By thetime I realized my mistake it was long after closing time.  In a panic I phoned owner JoAnne explaining that he was scheduled to be on the icein less than two hours. Without a moment of hesitiation JoAnne told meto meet her there in five minutes.  In true community (and hockey)spirit she arrived (with Richard Burton and Wilson along for the ride)with a smile on her face she opened up the store and let me retrieve my son’s skates.  She then proceeded to give me a hug and tell me not toworry as I apologized for my forgetfulness!  JoAnne (and her entourage)had saved the day and my son Isaac was able to continue on to the rink.This was not an emergency situation it would not have hurt my son tomiss a night at the arena but JoAnne went above and beyond to ensurethat he wouldn’t miss out. Thank you JoAnne Sharpley for reminding mehow fortunate I am to live in Haliburton!

Jennifer Little