Letter to the editor: Foresight needed on council

To the Editor

In February 2014 county council was presented with the results of a detailed survey of the interests of permanent county residents in a recreation centre/pool and their willingness to pay membership fees. County council was shown in much detail that there would be conservatively enough membership revenue from the county to cover operating costs such as experienced by other small Ontario communities with such facilities if it was located in Haliburton village (not elsewhere). All I ever heard from politicians was scoffing at the idea of a small community affording a pool. But Petrolia and St. Mary’s did it. So what have our leaders been waiting for over the last 4.5 years or more? Let’s go and find someone to sponsor construction we can pay for it without tax burden.

Now in the election campaign it seems some politicians have just discovered the community needs and wants a rec centre with a pool. So why didn’t our elected officials act when they were shown the facts in 2014? It appears this pool matter is just one of several failures in leadership. Who was looking out for us when a housing shortage for all non-wealthy persons was developing or when internet and cell coverage fell behind requirements for businesses throughout the county or when youth were at a loss without programs or facilities or when shoreline clear cutting became commonplace because we couldn’t afford to enforce our bylaws ….. and on the list goes. Surely these issues could have been nipped in the bud by councils with foresight.

So now is the time for voters to support politicians with foresight fresh outlook and no history of ignoring the community’s needs wishes and facts.

John Cowan