Focus on cost of inadequate services not taxes

To the Editor,

The public and Dysart et al council need to know that I am not intimidated by a possible 7.5 per cent tax increase. I believe the township falls short of providing adequate services in many ways, especially in helping the disadvantaged. If as reported, COVID has increased costs, so be it. But I believe Dysart has a long-term cost structure that is inadequate to properly serve the community, whether in housing, transportation, roads, bylaw enforcement, recreation, environment or …

Councillor [John] Smith is quoted in the Echo’s Dec. 21 edition as saying a 7.5 per cent tax increase “is not viable.” But who is he looking out for? Only those on low income? What about the rest of us – and has he noticed the huge buildings being built in the township – does he think it’s “not viable” for them?
If he is only concerned about those on low income he should be rallying the resources of us all to help the disadvantaged. He should not hold us all hostage with the inadequate services resulting from taxes that cannot rise to meet requirements.

If, as I hope, council is concerned about the welfare of the whole township, then it should be adequately resourcing all services, especially those for low income folk and taxing all of us accordingly.
We can improve the township, and help the disadvantaged as part of the improvement, but only if we focus on delivering quality, not if we focus on tax increases.

John Cowan
Grass Lake Road,