Fire ban declared for Haliburton County

Effective immediately the Township of Minden Hills and the three other townships within Haliburton County have declared a total fire ban.

The Minden Hills Fire Department is advising all residents and contractors that, effective immediately, there is a total fire ban until further notice. All daytime burning permits and firework permits are suspended until further notice. All fires must be immediately extinguished and cold to the touch. The discharge or use of fireworks is prohibited. The fire danger rating is Fire Status – Extreme, open air fires and fireworks are prohibited.

Extreme Fire Status:

• There is a total ban on outdoor burning during extreme fire conditions.

• Fires start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious, report any fire or smoke to 9-1-1.

• Do not discard ashes or charcoal briquettes outdoors, soak it, stir it and soak it again, ensure that they are cold to the touch before discarding them.

• Small fires can develop into high intensity burning situations quickly.

• Many firework-related injuries and fires were caused by fireworks that are consumer fireworks bought in the local stores.

• Fifty-nine per cent of brush, grass, or forest fires were caused by fireworks in Canada.

“Whether in the backyard of your home, the cottage or at a campground, make fire safety a priority,” says Minden Hills deputy fire chief Shain Duda. “Open air burning, especially, if left unattended, can become difficult to control and can result in a serious widespread fire. Fireworks are not to be discharged during a fire ban or without a permit. We have an automated fire status phone line setup. To check on fire status call 249-802-3535.”

For more information and accurate updates, please visit The MFD will continue to monitor the fire hazard and post updates, as required.

– submitted by Township of Minden Hills