Drum roll for end of summer event

By Darren Lum

Plans for Halibana are going ahead this summer after council was encouraging about the free admission drum festival for Head Lake Park over the Labour Day weekend.

Dubbed Halibana 2016: A Drum Carnival in the Highlands this event is estimated to draw up to 400 people said representative Joe Truss.

He described this as an inclusive community event that will become annual. It is rooted in a partnership with The Festival Management Committee a not-for-profit founded in 2006 which produces the annual Toronto Caribbean Carnival and the drumming and artistic communities of Haliburton.

The event will include drum circles and workshops on costume-making and dance the establishment of a community drum collection and would culminate in a Grand Parade and Community Drum Circle in Head Lake Park.

Truss asked council for in-kind help and use of public facilities and utilities.

This event he said takes advantage of the “budding drum” culture here in the Highlands and surrounding areas.

This event is planned to start Friday with exhibitions and presentations of costumes and drums and then follow with a musical presentation of Calypso on Saturday evening. The Grand Parade and Community Drum Circle was scheduled for Sunday but Truss is amendable to include it on Saturday when asked by council to consider cottagers who want to leave for home to prepare children for school.

This event’s budget is close to $45000 which will pay mainly for carnival performance participants artistic direction project management and administration including workshop facilitation.

Organizers provided a report that said it will seek funding from an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant but also the Canadian Council for the Arts –Inter-Arts Touring Grants Haliburton County Development Corporation – Local Initiatives Program the Ontario Arts Council – artist travel and touring grants including cash donations corporate sponsorship and tickets for workshops.

However when Reeve Murray Fearrey asked if this event can go ahead without the Trillium grant Truss was adamant that the pilot will happen even if at a smaller scale.

Without admission Deputy-reeve Andrea Roberts asked about revenue streams.

Truss said they’ve considered 12- to 24-hour Drumathon fundraising events which asks participants to seek a sponsorship or donation worth close to $25.

“Sounds like we’re good to go” Fearrey said.

Council rejected the Haliburton Boat and Watercraft show proposed by Haliburton Outdoor Equipment Ltd’s George Schvarcz.

When reached later for the decision Dysart Reeve Murray Fearrey explained “this was a one-off sales promotion event for a single provider and although a good idea failed to represent a boat show.”

Schvarcz told council he made repeated attempts to get competing marinas to commit as stipulated by council in an earlier meeting. None of them committed. Expected to draw hundreds this event was planned for the civic holiday weekend from July 30 to Aug. 1 at Head Lake Park.

Director of public works Brian Nicholson said it’s time for people to sort their garbage or pay for it.
When it comes to house garbage there won’t be a charge if it is not “contaminated” (with recyclable material). However contaminated bags will cost $2 per bag.

“I have no doubt there is going to be some push back on this. At the end of the day as I said in the last meeting we have had mandatory recycling since 2006. If you can’t get your head wrapped around it in 10 years then something’s wrong so hopefully this forces awareness. It’s the best way of putting it” he said.

There will continue to be no charge for electronic waste household batteries and tires.
The next step in reducing household waste is a bag limit next year.

“Start sorting and watch what you’re buying” Nicholson recommended.

Shingles used to be part of building and demolition waste but because of the weight they were singled out and will now cost $50 a square yard if sorted. The fee for shingles that are unsorted or contaminated will cost $100 a square yard.

These and other fee changes will be implemented on July 1. Council will advertise in local media in posters and attempt contact through letters to account holders about the changes.

Recreation program co-ordinator Andrea Mueller said registration for ball hockey has gone well.
There is still room for 13- and 14-year-old ball hockey and there has been demand for a women’s only pickup ball hockey night. More players are needed so contact Mueller if interested.

A certified swim instructor is needed for the upcoming eight-week pilot swimming program at Pine Lake and Eagle Lake. Applications are welcome.

Find more spring/summer recreation offerings within the recreation directory published in the April 14 County Life.

Mueller said so far there has only been one submission for the Dysart 150 Logo Contest which awards $150 to the winner. See township website for rules and regulations.

Fires should always be attended by a person with the necessary equipment to extinguish the fire.

They should be at least three metres from combustible material and not exceed two metres high.

There is a permit which is used mainly by contractors to burn outside of these hours. The cost is $60.