The Red Hawks boys' curling team from left Dustyn McCready DeBruin Jacob Dobson Liam Little and Jonas Hill won silver at this year's COSSA curling championship on Monday March 5 at the Omemee Curling Club. With the exception of Hill who is graduating this team is expected to return for the next season. Submitted by Darrell Dobson

Dramafor Hawks rink at COSSA

Published March 13 2018

TheHaliburton Highlands Secondary School boys curling team of skipDustyn McCready DeBruin vice Jonas Hill second Liam Little andlead Jacob Dobson earned silver at the Central Ontario SecondarySchool Athletics championship on Monday March 5 at the OmemeeCurling Club. COSSA is the regional level or second of three levelsin Ontario. They were coached by Darrell Dobson and Russ Duhaime.

Itwas a very dramatic day that began with our skip’s car hitting adeer on the way to the competition and he arrived just a few minutesbefore the game started. In the end it came down to a three way tiefor first (three teams had a record of 2-1 after round robin) to besettled by a shoot out for gold and silver. Each player throws onerock and the rocks are awarded points: eight points for a perfectbutton seven for touching the button one for touching the 12 footetc. In the end the score was 18-17 for Moira! The Ontario CurlingAssociation official said he had never seen anything like it. It wasa dramatic finish to a great season.

Itwas a round robin format. We lost our first game to Moira. 6-4. Webeat TAS 12-0 in fifth ends. We beat St. Theresa 8-3.

Thereis great potential for this team.

Theboys curling team had a great season. We all feel we are capable ofmore. Three of the four players will return next year (Hill graduatesthis year). We know there are more strong curlers coming into Grade9 and we are looking forward to striving for even more next year.

HughNichol and the Haliburton Curling Club have invested in youthcurling and it is paying off as the boys and girls youth curlershave had a great season in school based and Ontario CurlingAssociation based bonspiels in boys girls and mixed categories.Haliburton is gaining a reputation around the province as the home ofstrong youth curlers.

Submittedby Darrell Dobson