Democracy in Highlands East

To the Editor

The paramount question in this whole sad scenario: Is democracy alive and well in the Municipality of Highlands East? I really do not think so. Read on to see why.

Monday Sept. 26 saw a meeting take place between Highlands East council and a group of 100 or so very angry and frustrated residents of Ward 3 (Gooderham and Glamorgan Township) over the termination of the contract with Canada Post by the municipality directly affecting the service of the Gooderham post office. The post office which local persons look upon as the hub of this tiny hamlet a place where friends meet and chat about local issues the weather etc. A place where visitors and locals alike look for information about many things. The local postmistress gets asked questions such as can you help me with my new phone where is the nearest restaurant gas station motel washroom etc. As a matter of fact if one looks at the front of the building there is a very large sign stating that this is an information centre and this is in addition to being a full service post office.

The evening of Sept. 26 saw resident after resident ask council why they did not understand why our post office is so important to our community. The new location cannot possibly provide the service we have come to value so greatly. Why? Because you will be replacing 20 years’ of experience with one week of training. The operators of the new location are decent hard working folks who we know will do their best to provide good service will they succeed in their efforts? A very good question.

Ward 3 provides Highlands East with more tax dollars than any other ward in our municipality for which we receive very little beyond our basic needs. Ward 4 councillor blames the escalating cost of our police service for the closing of the post office. When it was asked what the other wards are sacrificing to help defray policing costs not one member of council had an answer. The only conclusion one may draw from the meeting while watching these council members is they really do not care very much about Ward 3. When I heard Ward 1 councillor complain his constituents complain about their tax dollars supporting our post office. I doubt there is basis in fact in his statement most Ward 1 people probably have no idea where Ward 3 is or event know that we have a post office franchise operated by municipal staff. I surely hope constituents will remember this council next election two years from now I know I will!

I urge everyone who signed our petition (400 signatures) along with those in attendance at the meeting Sept. 26 to phone Canada Post and very loudly express their concerns. You can call customer service  1-800-267-1177  or write to Gene Adamo local area manager 795 Rye St. Peterborough ON K9J 6X1 phone  1-705-745-2725  or email

Remember my friends the old adage “It aint over until the fat lady sings” and I haven’t heard a single note from her yet. We can still fight.

My sincere thanks to all our good people who signed the petition and for their amazing involvement on Monday Sept. 26.

Chuck Viner