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Damaging election signs sends wrong message

Published Oct. 2 2018

To The Editor

I would like to address the issue of lack of respect for the democratic process. In Highlands East many candidates have had their signs burnt shredded run over and knocked down.

The general consensus is that kids did it. That doesn’t make it any less wrong. Children and adults need to respect the democratic process. There are appropriate ways to express your displeasure with candidates ruining their signs shouldn’t be one of them. They have a right to run for election or re-election and you have a right to agree or disagree through appropriate means – write a letter to the newspaper email your candidate attend an all-candidates meeting and voice your opinion get out and vote.

We should be teaching our children to appreciate and respect the democratic process and the right to dissent in appropriate ways. Vandalizing signs does not show the maturity and respect that we expect from residents of Highlands East and Canada.

Showing your approval or displeasure at the election polls would be the right thing to do.

Patricia Russell
Highlands East