Dysart et al Councillor Walt McKechnie right praises outgoing Mayor Murray Fearrey during a Nov. 27 council meeting. After more than four decades in public office Fearrey sat in his final Dysart and county council meetings of the term. /CHAD INGRAM Staff

Councillors say farewell to Murray Fearrey

By Chad Ingram

Published Dec. 4 2018

Last week marked the final Dysart et al and Haliburton County council meetings for longtime Mayor (previously Reeve) Murray Fearrey.

Fearrey who’s held municipal office for more than four decades received a standing ovation at the conclusion of a Nov. 27 Dysart council meeting after being praised by Councillor Walt McKechnie.

“Murray when you look around this community at all the things . . . the hospital the school Sir Sanford [Fleming College] you were a big part of that . . . the library the streetscape our park the arena the skateboard [park] the three condos . . . “ McKechnie said listing some of the projects that have been completed during Fearrey’s tenure.

“Walk out of here today with your head so high” McKechnie said. “When you walk down the street and drive into town look at all the great accomplishments. You’re the leader. You were the driving force behind that.”

Earlier in the meeting Fearrey wished departing Councillors Dennis Casey and Susan Norcross along with their colleagues well and the new council good luck.

“I think we’ve had a pretty good council” he said of the past term thanking chief administrative officer Tamara Wilbee and township staff for their work and co-operation over the years.

“I think it’s appropriate too to congratulate the new members of council coming on and Mayor Andrea Roberts and I wish her success in the years ahead” Fearrey said. “I think it’s going to be a challenge. It always is.”

The following day at the last county council meeting of the term Fearrey and outgoing Minden Hills Deputy Mayor Cheryl Murdoch received gifts from their colleagues.

Fearrey left his county councillors with this piece of advice:

“Take your time and make your decisions. Don’t rush. That’s my biggest mistake I’ve made many times in my life.”