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Closure date set for landfill

By Jenn Watt
Published Oct. 16 2018

Those elected to the next term of council in Dysart et al will have challenging questions to answer about how to manage the closure of the Haliburton landfill and transition to a transfer station.

At the environment and conservation committee on Oct. 4 councillors were presented with documents from the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks which specified that “no additional waste shall be landfilled at the site after January 1 2021 at which time the site will operate as a waste transfer station.”

The change will likely come with a cost to users of the site though how much and who should pay will be up to council.

“Everything that comes through the gate has to go back through the gate and we have to decide how to pay for it” said Rob Camelon director of public works.

He told councillors that they had a “bit of time” to figure out how to make the new system work but plans would need to be made quickly.

“We have to figure out just how we’re going to pay for this” he said.

Mallory Bishop environmental co-ordinator said user fees could incentivize good behaviour limiting cost to those who properly manage their waste.

“It’s important to note that the new system will reward those who recycle well and properly just like it does in the city” she said.

Mayor Murray Fearrey said he would like more information on composting as organic waste makes up a large portion of garbage.

Whatever fees are imposed in Haliburton would likely need to be across the board at all transfer stations and landfills.