Check for ticks regularly

To the Editor

re: Preparing for Lyme disease June 13 Haliburton Echo.

In central Europe where I grew up ticks are common. Residents of rural communities learn how to avoid Lyme disease by dealing with the critters quickly themselves.
First of all every evening after coming home (from a nature walk especially) check or have someone else check for ticks on your body.
This is very important because you do not feel anything and the matter has to be dealt with as soon as possible.
If the tick is still on the surface pull it out with your hands or a tweezer.
If you find one buried in your skin put a tab of oil or soap over it which will make it come out a bit and repeat the procedure.
Redness around the spot usually develops if the tick has not been pulled out in good time. In this case see a doctor immediately to check for Lyme disease.

Leopoldina Dobrzensky