Change is in the air

By Angelica Ingram

March 14 2017

I remember the drive like it was yesterday.

It was a crisp and sunny fall day. A Sunday. The kind of day where autumn clings to the air and the trees before the final leaves fall and winter begins sweeping into the atmosphere.

I felt excited but nervous.

Unsure of what the future held. Unsure of the decision I had made.

I was driving up to Haliburton County for the first time in my life preparing to take a big leap of faith and make it my new home.

A few days earlier I had just accepted a new position that of reporter/photographer at the Haliburton County Echo and Minden Times.

That was in October of 2009.

At the time I told myself that I would give it a year. Some thought I wouldn’t last three weeks.

I had no idea that more than seven years later I would still be writing for those two publications. Still taking photos still a part of the community.

Had someone told me then what my future in Haliburton was going to look like I would have never believed them.

Yet here I am: an active member of the community a reporter with a deep interest in the area and now a wife and soon-to-be mom.

Yes a mom.

It seems like a small word for such a big responsibility.

In about three or so weeks my job title will change and while I’ll always be a reporter at heart that part of my life will take a break while a new challenge takes priority.

This week marks my last week with the Echo/Times while I prepare to take a maternity leave.

For the next 12 months these pages will not have my name under the fold and yes that will feel weird. However I know the paper is in good hands and that readers can continue to look forward to in-depth news interesting features and the stories that make up the fabric of this community.

It has been an incredible seven years serving this community and bringing the issues and stories that matter to you.

Thank you Haliburton for embracing me for telling me your tales for sharing your tears your joy your heartache and your passions. Thank you for letting me into your homes and your hearts.

Thinking back to that drive in the fall of 2009 I am glad I was willing to take a leap of faith. Willing to make that jump and embrace a new adventure.

And here I am on a cold but brilliantly sunny winter day. A Sunday. Watching the seasons change and feeling both excited and nervous.

That can only mean a good change is in the air.