Celebrate 2017

By Cindy Campbell

Published Jan. 3 2017

January always brings new opportunities. Would you like to be more fit eat healthier have more leisure time and perhaps even a career change? Anything and everything seems achievable in our dreams and wishes. Now is the time to put your thoughts into action. How you ask? Write out a plan.

So you might be curious as to why I am have started this column from the Haliburton Village BIA with the previous paragraph. In business just like our personal lives forward action only happens when we have a plan. A plan allows us to set a path and plot our progress and assess our momentum. Your Haliburton Village BIA is setting the plan for our 2017 activities. We are committed to increasing the profile of our member businesses and actively contributing to the welfare of our community.

Your local BIA is an important group that works together to promote local business initiatives works with the municipality on various committees partners with local service groups and charities to help make our community better and supports each other to be successful. Your BIA is made up of retail businesses hospitality and restaurant businesses and professional service businesses for example real estate financial services legal practices insurance businesses just to name a few. Your support of local business allows them to hire employees support local charities and most importantly earn a fair wage so they can support their families.

As this New Year begins please think about where your money makes a difference. By purchasing products and services locally you are supporting donations to sporting teams you are supporting community festivals you are supporting cultural activities and most importantly you are supporting the economic stability of our village.

This year we will all celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada and the 150th birthday of Haliburton. Please come out and support your friends and neighbours that have volunteered to put on celebratory events. It is amazing to see all of the events that have been locally organized … and it all starts Jan. 7 with the Haliburton Highlands Museum celebrating the 150th birthday of Dysart et al with family fun events running all day at the A.J. LaRue Arena. There will be indoor and outdoor activities starting at 4 p.m. so please join in the fun.

Lastly in the spirit of “planning” please check that all of your business and household exits are completely cleared of all snow. It is important that everyone can enter and exit in the event of an emergency. Also when parking your vehicle on the street please ensure that when you open your car door that another vehicle will not hit it as it drives by. Snowbanks narrow our streets so we must all be aware of this potential hazard.
It is an absolute pleasure to be able to share information with you. Your comments are always welcome and encouraged. Please email haliburtonbia@mail.com with your thoughts.
Make 2017 a great year filled with love laughter and prosperity!