T-shirts and prints of Will McOstrich's original artwork ” bringing=” home=” a=” moosterpiece”=” are=” being=” sold=” at=” kennisis=” lake’s’art=” on=” the=” dock=” event=” in=” order=” to=” raise=” money=” for=” haliburton=” highlands’=” artists=” in=” schools=” program.”=

Bring home a ‘moosterpiece’

By Robert Mackenzie

Published June 27 2017

Art on the Dock is returning to Kennisis Lake in July and will be featuring some new “Mooseterpieces” for cottagers to take home.

The fundraiser held by the Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association (KLCOA) will see more than 40 artists and artisans displaying their fine arts or crafts on their docks decks and in their cottages at 20 locations around Kennisis Lake.

This year the KLCOA will be selling limited edition shirts and prints featuring “Bringing Home a Moosterpiece” an original artwork by artist Will McOstrich in order to boost fundraising efforts.

Money raised goes towards the Haliburton Highlands’ Artists in Schools program. Last year’s event raised almost $3000.

Art on the Dock will be held Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9. Visitors can come by boat or by road and exhibitors will be marked by Art on the Dock signs.