Bill Gliddon: He’s still got it

To the Editor

Bill did it again!

That’s what I exclaimed to my wife Janice upon returning home from last Wednesday night’s concert at St. George’s Anglican Church.

The one and only amazing Bill Gliddon organized a breathtaking musical evening of Christian hymns and Christmas carols for a full church of folks from at least seven different denominations from all over Haliburton County.

Oh and he also directed the choir and accompanied them on the piano as well as chose the songs to be sung and rehearsed this diverse group of 60 singers – some of whom are extremely talented and others who have previously only sung from the safe haven of a church pew.

By the way did I mention that Mr. Gliddon also MC’d this delightful evening of sacred music with his usual inimitable flair and humour? It was a packed hour of simply beautiful seasonal selections with the large choir wedged in sideways so as to fit into St. George’s choir-loft. Anyone who wanted to be part of this most unique group of performers was instantly granted their wish “sans audition” and Bill just gathered this bunch of “artists” and proceeded to create a musical miracle for all of us to behold.

You see I’m pretty sure that most of us in the audience expected a “good effort” from the well-meaning group of kind souls at the front of the church. However what we got was an astoundingly well-delivered and layered musical performance of the utmost quality. When the advent part of Handel’s Messiah was presented to the fortunate listeners it nearly raised the rafters and most certainly left us all in complete awe – if ever there was a time to shout “Oh My God!” surely this was it.

Mr. Gliddon in case you doubted it for even one second I’m positive that I speak for all those who gathered at St. George’s Church last Wednesday when I say: “You’ve still got it Bill!”… and thank you for a truly unforgettable evening.

René Benoit