Fifty-five participants attended the Ladies Archery Day organized by the Lady Archers of Ontario on Sept. 22 at the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association fish hatchery in Haliburton. Lady Archers of Ontario founder Toni Cooper said 80 per cent of the participants were beginners. /Submitted by Toni Cooper

Archery lessons for ladies remain popular

by Darren Lum

Published Oct. 8 2019

The Lady Archers of Ontario events continue to sell out in Haliburton with 55 women signing up most recently at the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association.
“The one thing I like about it is a lot of the people are new” organizer Toni Cooper said. “I would say maybe 20 per cent of the people that are there come back year after year but 80 per cent are brand new people which is amazing. It means more women want to get into it. If you had the same people come back you’re really not reaching new people and getting more women out there.”
She started offering these instructional events three years ago to empower women now Cooper also offers “Beyond the Bow” seminars that are co-ed.
In addition to compound bow instruction the event also provided instruction on crossbow and recurve bow this year. The event also included a pop-up shop by DSG outwear which makes outdoor clothing for women.

Two lesson offerings are planned for the year to come: one in May and another at the end of summer or in autumn. One would be for beginners and another for intermediate and advanced archers who will aim for three-dimensional targets while making their way down a trail.
“Because once they get the skill and buy their bow and kind of want to do the next step” she said.
Cooper has also been asked to be a guest on an episode of the show Bushnell Trigger Effects – Hunting TV Show. She had contacted the show for a door prize for the ladies’ event this year but instead of giving a prize they gave her an invitation to be on the show. Filming takes place in the Pembroke area next September